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Your Wedding Guide To: Installations

The word “installations” can seem a bit intimidating, but really all that means to you is taking your luxury wedding dreams to the next level. Your Pinterest inspo and your mood board are going to be the starting place to these stunning inspiration collaborations! We won’t lie, it’s going to take a team to pull this together, but when it comes together, you and your guests will be blown away. So let’s chat about all things installations, and get those creative ideas flowing!


Floral installations are unapologetically our favorite type of installation. In fact, we refuse to pretend that we are anything less than absolutely obsessed with them!! So let’s dive right into the three main categories of floral installations, and what you need to know about each one!

Arches: From full and fluffy floral arches, to modern minimalist partial arches with well placed floral clusters, there seem to be endless arch styles and possibilities to choose from! The key is to select an arch style that complements your floral selections for the rest of your wedding, and then work with your florist to dream up how to place the flowers on the arch. Also, super important tip: make sure that the actual arch itself is included in the rentals from the florist! You do not want to be responsible for transporting an arch around that you got on Amazon or a wedding resale group!! TRUST US. Even if that sounded like fun to you (we’re sure it doesn’t!), many florists will not even touch an arch that is not their own anyway. This is simply because they cannot guarantee stability, or that it can support the weight of the florals. Hello liabilities!

And many times the arch is moved from the ceremony to behind the sweetheart table, and the florist definitely won’t do that if it is not their arch. So let’s pretend that you didn’t hear your MOH when she told you that she purchased her wedding arch and recommends that you do it too. We know that she’s certainly not going to be the one who will be setting it up and moving it the day of your wedding, so we recommend renting and trusting the professionals on this one!!

Walls: Floral and greenery walls are exactly what they sound to be, and are some of the most gorgeous and luxurious displays that you can have! They make for an amazing backdrop for things like your sweetheart table or cake, or as a stand alone photo wall! Paired with your dreamy neon sign, they will be a showstopper for sure!

Suspended Florals: This type of floral installation is truly transformative. You can take a simple, yet elegant sailcloth tent, and transform it into a fairytale garden by hanging florals from the ceiling poles. Suspended florals can also be done inside venues as well, as long as there are places from which to secure them! If this type of installation is in your wedding vision, MAKE SURE to communicate this during your venue site visits, to ensure that you select a venue that can support your dream. Then work with your wedding planner to select a florist that specializes in this type of work. You definitely do not want to hand this off to just anyone!


Draping, whether from the ceiling, or down the walls, is an elegant way to add texture and dimensions to a space! It also can be used to cover up anything about the space that you don’t want to see!! “Pipe and drape” is an industry term often used to reference a draping method that involves material hanging from PVC pipe, usually used to cover walls from floor to ceiling, or to frame out entryways. Of course there are many other applications, including things like backdrops, and tent ceilings, as well! With endless possibilities for colors, and also placement, this transformational installation option is a tremendous asset to create the wedding of your dreams!!


Whatever your vision, whether it’s a backdrop for your ceremony, sweetheart/head table, lounge setting, or for a photo wall, there is always a reason to rent a great backdrop! We’re going to give you the rundown on some awesome backdrop options, but just know that this is not the limit to what you can do! Also, if you’re looking for the perfect place to hang the neon sign your just purchased, this is your sign to put it on a backdrop!

Draping: Just like we touched on above, draping can be used for covering, framing, AND as a backdrop! We love a simple and clean look, that transforms a basic wall into a luxurious vision!

Doors: French doors, barn doors, or other vintage doors or door like structures make for beautiful backdrops for ceremonies and sweetheart tables! They also look great for fun photo walls! We highly recommend working with professionals to ensure that the doors are secure from tipping. Again, while DIY can be an option, for your piece of mind, we highly recommend relying on your rental company here.

Floral/Greenery: Floral and greenery backdrops are not limited to boxwood or rose walls! We love these too, but they are not all that is out there! You want a wall of fluffy pampas grass? Done. What about a wild, whimsy, luscious greenery and wildflower backdrop? Let’s go! Maybe you were picturing wisteria strands and twinkle lights cascading down? We are HERE for it!! Whatever your vision, we recommend you get with your florist or rental company ASAP to start bringing that vision to life!


So here’s the thing about seating chart and signage installations…They’re the perfect statement pieces, and oh soooo luxurious. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk into cocktail hour and see a massive champagne wall with a glass with their name on it?? Just sayin’!! Plus, signage installations are fun to dream up because they require a little bit of outside of the box thinking, and creativity!! Just because it's been done before, and is all over Pinterest, doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! On the other hand, the classics are classics for a reason. So check out our inspiration and ideas below, dream big, and then ask your planner for recommendations for local production companies!! (And call your rental company!)

Seating Charts and Escort Card Displays: We have seen so many seating installations and escort card displays, but some of our favorites include guests name displayed on a giant mirror, a life size acrylic sign, a custom champagne wall, a mini ghost chair display, and a luggage tag wall! Literally just go on Pinterest and type “seating chart installation” and you will see soooooo many options!

Welcome Signs: 3D acrylic signage, signs on easels with elaborate florals, oversized mirrors, transparent cubes with dreamy florals, you name it, we have probably seen it! But we can NEVER get enough of the creativity, and we live for the unique ways that our couples welcome their guests into their day. So feel free to browse Etsy for a welcome sign, but don’t limit yourself! There are endless possibilities and ways to create an eye-catching welcome sign, and we can’t wait to see what you and your vendor team come up with! If you need recommendations, there are some amazing companies that specialize in signage and large installations!


Placement for Hanging Items: When planning for draping or suspended florals indoors, your venue coordinator will be able to advise on where and how these installations can be hung from the ceiling. It is critical that they do not interfere with the HVAC system, fire suppression system, emergency lighting, or exit signage. Any reputable rental company will also be aware of this as well and work around these items, but it is definitely important to note from the beginning!

Placement for Non-Hanging Items: Do you have the room you need in your floor plan for your free standing installation(s)? We’re talking about champagne walls, life-size acrylic signage, etc. What about anything that will be leaning up against, or backed up to, a wall? Giant mirror seating charts, floral backdrop, etc. In your vision for placement, you have to ask “Will this block any exits or emergency areas?” This is where a venue walk through with your on-site coordinator and your wedding planner is critical! A good floor plan is a great starting point, but they do not always take into account doors, windows and any emergency signage or apparatus, so be sure to double check during your walk through!

Setup Time: We know you know that these installations won’t just magically appear on your wedding day, but how much setup time is ACTUALLY needed? Quite possibly more than you think! With most venues allowing you only 8-10 hours of access to the venue from set up to breakdown, and only providing extra set up time for a fee, it is absolutely critical that you find out from each of your vendors exactly how much time they need for set up. If you have elaborate draping or suspended florals, it is obviously going to take much longer than propping up a mirror seating chart against a wall, but only your vendors will be able to tell you how long it will actually take. Communication is key here to make sure that your venue is not unaware of how much time is needed, and to ensure that your vendors have the adequate time that they need to do their jobs!

To DIY or NOT: Lot’s of couples want to try to tackle installations and arches on their own, but trust us when we say, you do not want to be lugging these massive items off site after the best day of your life! Or worrying about when and where you can drop it off, while you’re trying to get ready for the day! We’ve seen parents and bridal party members struggling to drop off/pack up DIY installations, and we want to spare you the headache! Your rental company and florist are the best places to source your backdrops, arches and seating chart installations from! And if, for example, the company doing your chairs and linens does not do things like seating charts, you can always work with a different company for just the seating chart! Remember, there are no limits to the number of vendors that you can hire! So round up the best of the best to make your day exceptional and stress free! Your wedding planner will absolutely be able to provide a list of reputable companies to work with as well!

Whether small or large, floral or fabric, hanging or free-standing, WHATEVER installation(s) you choose to bring into your wedding, will add exponentially to the luxurious vibes of the event. We cannot recommend enough that you consider how to bring some of these larger-than-life elements into your day. They bring creativity, luxury, and a wow-factor for you and your guests! Plus the photos!! Ugh the photos.

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