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Your Wedding Guide To: Lighting

Lighting is often a rental category that does not get the attention that it deserves! This is because many people do not fully realize the amount of lighting options available, or how even simple lighting can transform a space. We are here to break down the importance of lighting, fill you in on the types of lighting available, and give you some helpful reminders when making your final decisions!


Visibility: Everybody needs to be able to see their food, right? Yes of course! When selecting lighting, you want to make sure that you are providing ample light for the space, so that everyone can see where they are going, and what they are doing. But, you also don’t want it to be bright as day either! Your wedding lighting should be practical, while also passing the vibe check!

Mood and Tone: Your lighting choices will impact the mood and tone of your event. If you want club vibes, you’ll want some fun colored uplighting and maybe some colored spotlights! If you’re going for a romantic evening under the stars, cascade string lights and ample candlelight will do the trick, maybe even with a chandelier or two! If you know what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create, then your rental company will be able to help match you with the best lighting for your event.


Uplighting: This type of lighting sits on the ground and shines up walls and other decor to highlight them and add dimension to the space. Uplighting can be set in a variety of colors and is a simple way to help transform a space. You can also transform the space by utilizing Gobo lighting also along the wall or your dance floor as seen below!

Pinspot Lighting: These are often single or small clusters of lights, usually placed on the ceiling to shine down on individual things like centerpieces to really make them pop!

String Lighting: You will find different types of lights in this category including bistro lights, fairy lights, twinkle lights, cascade lighting, or even “Christmas” lights, etc. All of these are examples of string lighting options, and are very versatile where you can do them in a style of strands, full canopy, or even a light wall behind your sweetheart or head table! Remember these will need to attach to your venue somehow or the lighting company will bring in truss support.

Chandeliers: Chandeliers are more commonly seen at receptions, but that doesn't preclude adding one to your wedding ceremony! These light fixtures are decorative statement pieces that can be ornate, modern, colorful, layered, simple, sparkly, and are made up of many different styled lights to give you whatever style and shade of light you want!

Pendant Lighting: These lights hang down individually from the ceiling and will need to have something to attach to or the rental company will bring in truss supports. Some types of lights in this category include Cafe (Edison) Bulbs, Lanterns, Individual Modern Pendants, and many more!

Candles: We love a glowy candle!! You can opt for real candles, or battery operated, depending on your personal preference and venue requirements. You can include them all, pillar candles, tapered candles, votive candles, floating candles, the options are endless!


A few things to remember when selecting lighting:

Electricity: Make sure that your venue has electrical connections (that work!) in the places that you are trying to bring light to. And make sure that you communicate to your vendors about where those connections are and if extra extension cords will be needed when you do your venue walkthrough!

Open Flames: While most venues don't allow open flames, some do not allow fire at all. Check with your venue on their restrictions, and then note your options for protected flames. You can use votives, glass vases with pillar candles, or taper candles with glass enclosures. Your florist will likely be a great resource on all things candles and remember if it is a venue known for wind, stick with LED candles to make sure you still get that romantic glow!

Lighting can really make or break your wedding environment, so it is important to make your selections carefully, and to consult with the experts whenever you have questions! There are SO many different styles that can be modern, elegant, colorful, and of course extra luxurious! Depending on the style of your day, do some research and chat with us or your rental company for guidance!

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