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Tips for Having Your Pet Be A Part of Your Wedding Day

Are you thinking about having your dog at your wedding, but you’re not 100% sure it’s a good idea? Or maybe you know they HAVE to be there, but you’re not sure how to pull it off. And what about making sure that you go with a dog friendly wedding venue? Logistically it seems like having a wedding with a dog can get a bit complicated, but rest assured, we have the tips, tricks and resources to make sure that your furry family members can be included in your big day!


What is the number one reason that you will find a dog at a wedding? Because the couple wants them there! That is all. No other reasons needed. But in case you feel you need to convince anybody else, here are some solid reasons why you should have your dog at your wedding.

They’re a Member of Your Family

This little (or big) furry creature is a member of your family. Perhaps they have been with you for years, and have also adopted your spouse-to-be as their own. You have blended your little family and nothing makes you happier! Or maybe you got the dog together, and they are your first baby. However the dog came into your lives, they are a member of the family that you are creating, and they should definitely be a part of the celebration!

Think of the Photos

Trust us when we say that the photos will be PRICELESS! It doesn’t matter if the dog doesn’t walk straight down the aisle, or if they stand for photos when they’re supposed to be sitting. Just having the dog in the photos will make for beautiful and joyful memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, you know you want to see them in a little pup wedding outfit or tuxedo!


“Ok, ok we’re totally convinced to have the dog come to the wedding, but how will we pull it off? Should I ask a family member to bring them and then take them home? Do we keep them onsite all day? This feels complicated and I’m overwhelmed.” We hear you, and we’ve got some helpful tips for you!

Plan Ahead

Whatever approach you decide to take, you absolutely have to plan ahead and answer some key questions. How is the dog getting to and from the venue? Who will be transporting the dog? When is the dog getting to/leaving the venue? Who will be supervising the dog while on site? Who is staying with/watching the dog overnight/ over the weekend while you’re away? Which photos will the pup be a part of and for how long? Will they be a part of the ceremony as well as photos before or after the ceremony? Weddings can be stressful, and so can being a dog parent. Do yourself a favor and make an actual plan, instead of just winging it. You absolutely will not regret having those questions answered well in advance.

Trust the Experts

You know what else you won’t regret? Trusting the experts with the care of your dog! If you want to be able to sit back and relax on your wedding day knowing that your dog is in the BEST hands, trust the amazing team at FairyTail Pet Care or Furry Ventures Pet Care, two amazing companies in the Tampa Bay Area! They specialize in transporting your dog to and from your wedding, making sure they get play time to be ready for their big moment calmly, and can even provide overnight supervision for your dog! They also help with being a part of photos to make sure you get THE SHOT, and do of course use treats for some motivation! Here at MDP Events we cannot recommend them enough!


Pet Friendly Venue

As tragic as this truth is, your furry friend is not allowed everywhere you go, and many times, couples forget that this can relate to wedding venues! It is absolutely vital that you communicate with your venue contact to ensure that your dog can be on site on your big day! Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on pet friendly wedding venues in the Suncoast area!

Timing and Logistics

Last, but certainly not least, be sure to loop in your wedding planner! They will help you ensure that all parties (photographer especially) are up to speed on the timing of your pet’s arrival and departure, and help you coordinate with your venue to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed regarding your pet’s presence on site!

Now that we have convinced you to bring your dog to your wedding, we recommend you reach out to your venue to confirm that they are pet friendly, and then contact FairyTale Pet Care or Furry Ventures Pet Care and book them ASAP!! Then check in with your planner so they can update your timeline to make room for your fur baby!

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