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Your Wedding Guide To: Dance Floors

If your venue does not come with a designated hardwood or tile dance floor area, then this blog is for you! And if your venue does have a designated dance floor area and you don’t like how it looks, this blog is for you too! We’ve got the details on sizing the dance floor for your guest count, choosing the perfect style dance floor, and a few tips that you will want to remember when making your decisions!


A great rule of thumb in the wedding industry is that you will need 9 square feet of dance floor space for every couple, or 4.5 sq. ft. for every guest. The estimated number of guests that will be dancing at any given time is 33%-66%! To keep it simple, we will go with 50%! So our little dance floor sizing equation will look like this: 4.5 sq. ft. x guest count x 0.5 = dance floor sq. ft.

For example, if you have 100 guests, it will be: 4.5 sq. ft. x 100 x 0.5 = 225 sq. ft. This means that your dance floor will need to be 15’ x 15’!

Your rental company will absolutely be able to help you crunch the numbers, so don’t stress! But this little equation will come in handy when working on your floor plan, and beginning to scope out pricing from different vendors. These types of decisions usually come down to space and budget, so this will give you a starting point!


Where do we even begin with dance floor options? From hardwood floors to classic black and white checkerboard, to custom phrases and monograms, there are so many possibilities! We encourage you to narrow down the overall wedding vibe that you are going for, and use that to influence your dance floor styling choices. If you want to feel like you’re at the club, or maybe dancing among the stars, check out options for LED light up dance floors! If you want to feel like royalty during your first dance, feature a custom monogram right on your all white dance floor! We encourage you to bring your big ideas and wild dreams to your wedding planner and your rental company, and then see what you can come up with together!


A few key things to remember:

Space: How much space do you have for your dance floor according to your floor plan? Make sure not to have your tables and chairs too close for those who are trying to relax at their table while others are dancing!

Budget: When choosing between style and size to fit your budget, make sure that you keep in mind how many of your guests will be out there! If you have a low key crowd of table dwellers, maybe shoot for the all out dream dance floor that is a bit smaller. But if you know the majority of guests will be dancing all night, go with a simpler floor style to make sure you give those party animals some room!!

Location, Location, Location: If your dance floor is not going to fit in the center of the room, that is ok! But make sure that it isn’t off in no man’s land either. This helps keep all guests engaged, even if they aren't in the middle of the dancing mob! Always remember to have your DJ or Band near the dance floor as well so they can keep the party going!

Whatever size and style of dance floor that you choose, make sure that you are happy with it, because we know that's where we will be finding you all night!!

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