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Your Wedding Guide To: Furniture

Selecting furniture for your wedding day will come down to two categories: needs and wants. You may NEED tables and chairs, but we know you WANT that gorgeous lounge set you saw on your favorite rental company’s insta. We’re going to walk you through the essentials, and the extras, so that you can make the best selections for your luxurious and dreamy big day!

Lounge Pieces

Can we just tell you how much we love a good lounge setting? Honestly, it's one of our favorite things. We love love details, and we love anything photo-worthy, and a lounge is all that and MORE because it's also functional!! Don’t you just love when pretty meets practical? Us too!! Selecting lounge furniture can be so fun because you get to be so creative, and so intentional and purposeful! Lounge settings are versatile too! Inside or outside, small spaces or large, you and your rental company will be able to put together something great for the space that you have to work with!

Settees and Sofas

Where to even begin? A golden velvet settee? A chic modern sofa in slate blue? Or maybe a vintage linen sofa in ivory? Gather up your Pinterest boards, and start checking out the offerings from your local rental companies. We know they have lots to offer, and we bet they can help you find that perfect statement piece for your lounge. Whatever you decide to go with, a sofa of some sort is a great base piece to begin building your lounge around! Don’t forget, if you get overwhelmed by the amount of rental companies in the area, ask your planner so they can give you recommendations based on your style, budget, and location!

Armchairs and Accent Chairs

Maybe your space is too small for a sofa, or maybe you want to fill out the lounge space by adding two chairs in with the sofa. Whatever the vision, there is always a good reason to pull in armchairs or accent chairs, especially for your sweetheart table! If you’re only using chairs in your setting and no sofa, use this opportunity to set the tone for your complete lounge setting. The chairs will become your main pieces. If you are using them in addition to a sofa, look for coordinating colors and styles. You do not have to match, but they do need to coordinate! As always, your planner and rental company will definitely help with this.


A well placed rug is the foundation to your lounge setting! If you’re going with bolder furniture colors and patterns, a more simplistic rug can act as a grounding and stabilizing piece, that anchors the entire setting. On the other hand, a neutral toned setting can be brought to life with a vibrant rug! There are so many textures, colors, patterns and sizes of rugs, so get out the inspiration photos to help you narrow down your options!

Coffee and Side Tables

A functional lounge setting is really not complete without a coffee table and/or side table! Because where else will guests be able to place their glasses of your signature cocktail?? Oftentimes rental companies will have a selection of table options that coordinate well with their other lounge furniture pieces, like sofas and accent chairs, but remember you do not HAVE to get all of your rentals from the same company.


Color and Style: Don’t be afraid of color! Yes, that all white lounge set will look so luxurious, but so will the emerald green settee! Trust us when we tell you that white is not the only color that screams luxury. The quality and textures of the items also play a role. And remember, your rental company is not lending you Aunt Susie’s vintage sofa! It doesn’t have to be ultra modern to look luxurious. High class vintage furniture is so in right now! So adventure into the world of color, and play around with styles that enhance your overall theme, and venue space. We promise it is worth it to take the risk!

When it comes to lounge furniture, it can be easy to get too wrapped up in the process of putting together the “perfect” setting. By all means, build your dream lounge setting, but don’t stress too much over the details. Have a vision in mind, and then trust your vendor team of design professionals!


Whether your venue provides chairs or not, it is always worth looking into rental options! Chairs are an underrated way to enhance your weddings vibes, and carry your aesthetic throughout your event! If you think about it, your ceremony is simply chairs, and an arch. If you’re going to have a gorgeous arch, why not also have gorgeous chairs to complete the look?? It would be like getting half dressed if you only focused on the arch! Same thing with your reception space. You’re spending all of this time and money on gorgeous linens and tabletop rentals, but the chairs that your tables are going to be surrounded with are taking away from everything, because they really don’t fit your vibe. Trust us when we say, you will never regret renting the chairs that you actually want!

Types and Styles

With so many chair styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to rent! We’ve got the breakdown on the most popular chair styles, and what wedding vibes they fit best with! We will also give you the inside scoop on which ones are better for ceremony vs. reception!

Ghost Chair: This chair type is categorized by its clear acrylic material. The entire chair appears to be made of one seamless piece of acrylic, and can be found with several different chair back styles, as well as in different shades. Ghost chairs are most commonly found at receptions, and in settings where the decor is more modern.

Chiavari Chair: Oh the chiavari. What can we say? It’s a go-to chair type for ceremonies AND receptions for a reason! Chiavaris are quite possibly the most popular chair, due to their varying colors and simple, elegant design. With bamboo like spindles and a slim rectangular frame, these chairs bring class to any space! From black chairs with gold velvet cushions, to rose gold chairs with white cushions, the possibilities are overwhelming! Plus they are really great for making extra room around your reception dining tables!

Wooden/White Folding Chair: This type of chair looks just like it sounds! With a square back and square seat, this simple and casual chair usually comes in white, or a wood tone. Though most commonly used for ceremonies, they can also be used for receptions as well! If you’re going for a laid back event, this chair style is for you!

Bistro or Slotted Chair: This chair is marked by its slotted back, and cushioned or slotted seat, with a wrought iron frame. Picture lunch in Paris! Very chic, but also laid back. These chairs work perfectly for a romantic vineyard wedding vibe!

Wooden Cross-Back Chair: This is another chair that looks just like it sounds! These wooden chairs have a simple structure, with a cross back. Their appearance makes for a great pairing with a farmhouse table for your rustic/boho luxury reception dreams! They also look beautiful for outdoor ceremonies, and come in other shades of wood tones to give you that luxurious romantic feel!

Cane Back Chair: Known for its French colonial style, the cane back chair is the perfect addition to your wedding ceremony or reception! Usually available in a neutral color palette with linen cushions, these chairs will make your tropical, boho, or neutral style wedding dreams come to life!

King Louis XVI Chair: These chairs are as fabulous as they sound! Categorized by their cushioned seat, and oval backs, these French neoclassical chairs are the epitome of elegance. Essential for vintage luxury wedding receptions, your upholstery options will likely include natural linen, or a colored velvet, so they can be effortlessly used to complement your theme and color scheme.

Velvet Chair: These solid, modern chairs bring a level of comfort and sophistication to a reception. If your wedding vibes are contemporary luxury, look no further than gorgeous velvet chairs. These can be found in an array of velvet colors to fit your wedding needs, and usually have chic gold legs!

Opera/Versailles: These chairs bring a Parisian elegance to the room! With their scalloped backs, and your choice of color, they add a luxury vibe without being too over the top. They can be cushioned in a selection of colors as well, to complete the look and feel of your ceremony or reception.

Bentwood: The effortlessly elegant bentwood chair can come in a variety of colors from light and dark wood tones, to black and white. They work well for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, and with their slim, rounded backs, they work well for receptions too! They can be used bare, or with cushions, and are perfect for your any style wedding!

Marais A/Tolix Chair: This modern metal chair type is perfect for any contemporary industrial wedding. It is simple, yet chic, and comes in an array of colors! They will work best for ceremonies, as well as receptions with long tables versus round.

Chameleon/Fanfare Chair: This type of chair is recognized by its metallic finish, and intricately detailed back. Often setting the tone for a space in gold or silver metallics, these chairs are most commonly completed with a black or white cushion. If you’re wanting a high glam aesthetic for your wedding, let these chairs bring your ceremony or reception space up a tier or two on the luxury scale!

Fishback/Infinity/Grace: These chairs are categorized by their circular wooden or acrylic backs, and overlapping circles or arch designs within the back. They are simple, yet chic, and are extremely versatile because of the options for colors and cushions. If you’re looking for something unique, but not over the top, any one of these chair types would be perfect!


Quantities: While you can rent the exact amount you need for the ceremony, and then move them to the reception, we recommend renting the full amount of chairs for each portion of your event. This allows more time for your vendor team to do their main tasks and creates less chaos for guests. We also highly recommend ordering a few extra chairs, not only in case you need them due to one being broken or having a stain, but also for your seating for cocktail hour. Also, you may even want two different chair styles - one for ceremony and one for reception. So don’t limit yourself to one set of chairs for both settings! Keep in mind the vision for each portion of the event, and then go from there!

You’re probably getting tired of us saying this, but we’re confident you need to hear it anyway: GET THE PRETTY THINGS! First of all, you’re only doing this once. Second, you want to complete the look. These elements can make or break your wedding vibes, and we are here to see you MAKE them! So email your rental company, like right now, and tell them you want those gold chivari chairs with the gold velvet cushions. And tell them you want them for the ceremony AND the reception. Go. Right now.


Sizes of Banquet Tables

48” Round: This size table is typically used as a cake table, or used to seat 4-6 guests for a reception.

60” Round: This size table is used to seat 8-10 guests for a reception. We highly recommend no more than 8 for comfortable seating, especially if you have a charger plate.

72” Round: This size table is used to seat 10-12 guests for a reception. We highly recommend no more than 8 for comfortable seating again for charger plates, but also depending on the width of the chair you choose.

6’ Rectangle: This size table is most commonly used for DJ’s, photobooth, welcome tables, and bar backs, but can also be used to seat 6-8 guests for a reception, if there is limited decor in the middle of the table. We highly recommend no more than 6 for comfortable seating.

8’ Rectangle: This size table is also commonly used for buffet tables, but can also be used to seat 8-10 guests for a reception, if there is limited decor in the middle of the table. We highly recommend no more than 8 for comfortable seating.

4’x8’ Feasting Table: This size table is a bit wider than a standard 8’ banquet table, and is used to seat 10-12 guests for a reception. We highly recommend no more than 10 for comfortable seating and you can easily have that big gorgeous floral installation centerpiece, as well as charger plates!


Farm: This type of table is recognized by its exposed wood look, and long, rectangular shape. Many times they will be arranged in rows, with several put together end to end to create a family/banquet style setting. They fit best in rustic and boho settings, and can absolutely be elevated with the right tabletop elements to fit your luxury wedding dreams, especially for the ones that come in white! Check out our blog Your Wedding Guide To: Tabletop to see what elements you can use to class up this fun table style!

Acrylic: An up and coming, ultra modern table style that we are recently OBSESSED with is the acrylic table! These sleek, unique tables allow for any color decor to be used, and make for an amazing statement piece. They take modern-minimalist to a whole new level, and allow you to highlight the elements that you want to accentuate! Plus, we cannot even handle the option to put florals in the table legs. If you’re looking for a WOW piece, that is modern and ultra luxurious, look no further than an acrylic table. Your guests will be impressed, and your photos will be flawless!

Speciality: Maybe you’re looking for something totally different than anything you have seen at a wedding before. Maybe you want something so glam, and so luxurious, that it’s all anyone will be talking about. Let us assure you, if you can dream it, there is a rental company out there that wants to help you bring that vision to life!! Sourcing speciality items like this can be a challenge, so we, or your wedding planner, would be more than happy to point you in the right direction for finding the PERFECT statement table for your dream luxury wedding!

Cocktail Highs and Lows: These are the 36” high top and low top tables that you see during a cocktail reception. The lows usually fit 3-4 people seated, and highs serve as a landing place for guests who prefer to be on the move during the event, but want a place to rest their drinks.

Sweetheart vs. Head Table

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of “Sweetheart table or head table?” This is really a matter of preference because there are pros and cons to both options. Some couples opt for a sweetheart table because their bridal party members have families and significant others, and the couple wants them to be with their people. Other couples go with a massive head table to accommodate the squad and their SOs because they want to have everyone with them.

Some couples hate being the center of attention so they make the whole crew sit with them, and others bask in the moment to have the whole place focused on just them on their special day. We recommend making sure no matter what there is an opening across from you and your fiancé, so that everyone can see you! Keep in mind also, some venues will only have enough space for round tables and a sweetheart table, if you are already at the maximum guest count! But our main advice: don’t overthink it, and just go with your gut!


Floorplan: It is critical that you work with your vendor coordinator and your wedding planner to ensure that your dream table styles fit your venue and the space itself, without feeling crammed. Some venue spaces can easily accommodate farmhouse tables, while others do best working with rounds.Your guest count will also play a role in this!

Quantities: Be sure to note the number of tables needed for each element of your event, from cocktail hour and reception, to DJ tables and bar! And don’t be afraid to order an extra one or two, especially of the rectangular banquet tables! This is where it is essential to know what each of your vendors will need, versus what is already available on site, and what they may be bringing themselves. Catering might bring their own tables, they might use the venue’s tables, or you might have to rent tables for them. It all depends on many variables! Make sure to communicate with each one of your vendors to determine their individual needs. Your wedding planner will be a great resource throughout this process too!

When you choose tables, remember that you are selecting a gathering space. This is where everyone will come together and share conversations and laughs, and the place from where your guests will view your event. The tables you choose will also help to create atmosphere, and will contribute to the aesthetics in your photos. While tables may seem like only functional elements, they are not! If you use the lens of aesthetics and guest experience, as you make your table selections, you won’t go wrong! As always, your wedding planner and rental company will walk you through the process as well!

Every piece of furniture that you select for your wedding can contribute to your theme, vibes and overall guest experience. You are never limited to classic white folding chairs for your ceremony, or your venue’s banquet chairs for your reception. As you saw, you don’t even have to select round tables for your reception if you don’t want to! There are OPTIONS out there for you! Do not worry! Your wedding day vision is just waiting to come to life, and your vendor team is standing by ready to make that happen for you. So gather up your ideas, call your wedding planner, and start putting together those rental orders!!

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