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Your Wedding Guide To: Stages

Whether you’re hiring a DJ or a band, a stage is a great way to add a little something extra to the look and feel of your wedding day! We know that right now you may be undecided on getting one, but after we walk you through everything we know about stages, we think you’ll be dialing the number for your rental company and adding it to your contract!


A stage is a great addition to a wedding set up for a few reasons! One of the reasons is it provides a focal point, and an easy place to grab the attention of your guests. Sound projection is also often better from the stage, where the speakers are elevated. Another reason is that you can SEE the awesome entertainment that you hired, while you’re getting down on the dance floor. Hello concert vibes! Also, let’s remember your photos for a second. A stage really enhances those dance floor and entertainment shots. Let’s be real, adding an all white stage with beautiful stage fronts and colorful dance lights really makes a statement! Trust us!

Size Considerations

Your rental company will be able to guide you towards the best size of stage, based on your entertainment selections. Most bands also have a specific size in their contract that they require! And below are some estimates for staging size, based on the number of musicians. These are great resources to use as starting points, but it is always best to check directly with your entertainment to confirm the amount of space that they need!

1 musician or DJ: 40 sq. ft.

2-3 musicians: 80 sq. ft.

4 musicians: 120 sq. ft.

5-6 musicians: 144 sq. ft.

7+ musicians: 248 sq. ft +

Types of Stage Sides

While the actual staging itself is usually pretty much the same from one rental company to another, the options for covering the top and sides of the stage can range!

For indoor weddings, you can always go with a simple skirting option, usually offered in an array of colors. For indoor or outdoor weddings, there are often facades available to give the stage a completed look, that flows nicely with the rest of your decor. While these might be a little bit trickier to come by, your rental company and wedding planner can help you find what you need!

For the top of the stage, many people opt to leave the black hard surface for outdoor events. For indoor and outdoor though, you can often choose from a selection of carpet colors to cover the stage with as well as hardcover white flooring. In addition to stage fronts are stage backdrops! Do you have a specific color scheme, floral style, or aesthetic for your wedding day? Most likely the answer is yes! You can have a stage backdrop installation of all greenery walls, wooden style decor, or even a custom panel that matches your printed material color scheme decor!


Electricity: Your entertainment is going to need access to electricity, so it is critical to make sure that there will be working electrical connections near where the stage is going to be. If need be, a generator is always a good idea when you have a band. In fact, they may require one! And we always recommend renting additional extension cords, just in case!

Steps and Ramps: You will need to make sure that your stage is accessible. This means you need steps for people to get on and off safely! If you have a guest in a wheelchair who will be giving a toast from the stage, you can also look into ramp options! Your stairs can also be that all white you are looking for by getting white carpet!

Entertainment Requirements: Some bands require a stage right in their contract, so be sure to note if yours does!

While a stage is rarely a requirement for a wedding, it IS a great addition to the overall feel of the event. They are very functional too! If you have room in the budget for it, we highly recommend allocating funds towards a stage. It is sure to elevate your wedding and ambiance!

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